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Jose’s story

Jose has lived in New York City nearly his entire life.  Born in Mexico and arriving in the United States as a young child, Brooklyn is the only home he has ever known.

Jose first began to think about college as a sophomore in high school. His plan was to go to college, graduate, and start a “good” career.  But when a guidance counselor told him about all the required paperwork he would need to apply to college, including a social security number, he thought he wasn’t eligible and stopped being motivated in school.

After high school Jose found work as a line cook in a restaurant by South Street Seaport. Unsatisfied with working in a kitchen at a low wage, Jose applied to a local Brooklyn college and has been taking classes since 2006. In two more years he plans to graduate with an associate’s degree in electro-mechanical engineering.

Today Jose sees his dream career as joining the army, but without a green card, social security number, or as he puts it, “those nine magic numbers,” recruiters have turned him away.

 Jose still works part time at the restaurant by the Seaport. To get from school to work, Jose walks the Brooklyn Bridge. Hear his story below.

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